Of course I’ll hurt you. Of course you’ll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence. To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter. To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince (via quoted-books)    



taking selfies with my friends like


aren’t those the guys from scrubs?


“man i am so tired” stays up for 3 more hours doing absolutely nothing



if someone ever calls u a mean name just respond “nah” like how do you even respond to that realistically 

some person: hey asstown 
you: nah 
some person:

i think my favourite part about this post is that out of all the mean names someone could realistically call you, they chose “asstown”



Stop demonizing riots.-@zellieimani

He’s talking about the Haymarket Riot of course. There were others later, but Haymarket is one of those shining moments in revolutionary history. 


My dad used to tell me a story about this Afghan dog his parents used to own, it was notorious for getting things caught in its fur, like, when they let it outside to do it’s business in winter they’d put pantyhose on its legs to stop it from bringing a snow drift back in the…




"to protect and serve"

i cant fucking believe this shit. 

God  fucking damnit this shit pisses  me off



So there’s this place in New South Wales called Yass and there is a mcdonalds there and well…..


"my ass"

open 24 hours



If you could be a root vegetable, which one would you be and why? (x)

if lucifer needs someones consent to enter their body then so do you


Oh my god youre straight? I had no idea. You seem normal to me. Did you know that Sara is straight to? You two should totally hook up. I cant believe youre straight. You could be my straight best friend. We could go to football games together. Itll be so much fun. So like how long have you been straight? Youre whole life!? No way.


*skips tutorial* how the fuck do you play this game